ste of Indonesian Traditional Food from Sumatera : Pempek

This is Pempek, my mother usually make it with love that it can be really delicious. It is originally some kind of fish cake or pancake with basic ingredients horse mackerel fish or other red meat fish. In japanese is 生サワラ.

Since I cant find that fish yet in Yamaguchi, I made the modification one without fish, Indonesian people sometimes make the modification one too. With “Cuko” (spicy and sweet soup) and cucumber, the taste become really special with the mix of salty and spicy and sweet.



山口では材料になる魚が見当たらないので魚なしで作ったのですが、インドネシア人も他のもので代用することがあります。 「くこ」(辛くて甘いスープ)ときゅうりを使うと、塩辛くて甘くてとても特別な味わいになります。


Dinda Andiniga

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